Tuesday, March 25, 2014

rainbow dash birthday party!

well, i am about as pleased with myself as the birthday girl appears to be in this photo.

i baked the cake, you see.

can you believe i made that?!  wow!!!  i can hardly believe it turned out so well!  hooray!

the pink and purple layers were strawberry (purple had added blue food coloring), the yellow and orange layers were lemon (orange had added red food coloring), and the green and blue layers were white cake mix (with added green and blue food coloring, of course).

papa declared it delicious!

i was also pleased with how the cake topper came out.  i made mini bunting from scraps leftover from the full sized version that i also made.

 here is the full sized version.  so festive!

i cut triangles from felt, folded over the top and stitched it down, and then strung them on white yarn.

i also made roy g. biv fruit skewers.  note: if i make these again, i will definitely dull the skewer tips.  they look rather lethal in this picture.

this whole party came about from my persistent desire to make the aforementioned rainbow cake and skewers.  i at first thought that a st. patrick's day party for my nieces and nephews would be a good excuse and added lucky charms and green milk to my menu plan.  i then realized that my niece had just had a new baby and her older daughter just had a birthday and maybe all these stars should align in a birthday party for her (as i'm sure her mommy was still a bit tired).

it worked out perfectly as said birthday girl was longing for a rainbow dash birthday party and already had the wings to wear to the shindig.

 so, besides the requisite blowing out of candles on the birthday cake . . .

 and opening of birthday presents by the birthday girl . . .

there were my little pony tats for all the birthday guests.  uncle stephen, being a girl daddy, was able to assist the boys in picking out suitable ponies to temporarily apply to their hands . . .

then they all took a turn sticking on the "cutie mark."  the birthday girl's "cutie mark" was close, but awkwardly placed.

then they all posed for the group shot.  uncle greg called out action shots.  show us your muscles!  group hug!  ninja arms!  karate kicks!

the new mommy holding the even newer baby was not impressed by her father's last choice in poses.  oops!

and, of course, we had to pass around the new baby.  so sweet!  happy birthday!  and happy BIRTHday!

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  1. It looks like a wonderful day for your little angel. And aren't you quite the baker! Kudos.