Sunday, November 29, 2015

cocoa daisy: christmas goal setting

do you ever set crafty goals?  i do sometimes.  for christmas especially, even though i rarely can keep up with them.  this year i'm making progress already.  hooray!  here are my christmas crafty goals this year:

1. do 2+ christmas layouts from 2014.  i've already done 3!  check!!!

2. finish last year's december daily.  i got all the pics printed last week and these two little spreads done.  still quite a lot to do though.  i would really like to finish it this week, so i can focus on december daily 2015 (those a5 planner dashboards were perfect!).

3. get my christmas mantel in place.  i pulled out my garlands and prints.  i think this might happen tomorrow.  fingers crossed!

4. make 12 christmas cards.  i haven't sent christmas cards since g was born i don't think.  i thought it would be nice to send at least a few this year.  i've gotten 11 done already using this easy format and the free printables from cocoa daisy.  almost there!

5. complete shimelle's journal your christmas, a december daily, and my december daisy dori.  i've got my midori traveler's inserts all ready and anxious to get started!  i think it's going to be so fun and easy with this system.  all my covers are decorated with the cocoa daisy planner add-on from december.

and the not started yet ones . . .

6. 6 teacher gifts (g's in middle school now and changing classes even more!)

7. 2 pages in my ongoing journal your christmas vintage piano book

8. decorate the styrofoam trees i bought last year

9. help the boy scouts make ornaments

10.  make a tassel garland (this one might not happen)

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  1. So very cute! I'm looking forward to our crafting time this year!