Thursday, December 24, 2015

brown paper packages tied up with washi tape . . .

i watched the sounds of music sunday night, did you?  i still love it so much.  and the nostalgia.  aaah!

i was supposed to wrap my presents monday night while g was at a sleepover, but i did not feel well at all.  ugh.  i did manage to get them done tuesday morning before i picked him up just in time to head out of town.  aren't they pretty?  i knew i had been saving all those brown paper bags from my cocoa daisy kits for a reason!  it was also nice to make a tiny dent in my washi tape collection.

my gift wrapping may have been a little old school this year, but g's santa list was not.  he texted it to me!  can you believe that?!  so funny.

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