Thursday, December 31, 2015

top five youtube videos of 2015

perhaps you've noticed, but i've gotten into making youtube videos here recently too.  this one has 3,600 views and counting.  i really can't believe it and don't know why this one has so, so many.  its my very first video with my midori traveler's notebook and the first month cocoa daisy began offering the daisydori inserts.

i have never really enjoyed scrapbooking on video nor have i been very good at it.  i was tickled to find out that it's actually fun in the traveler's notebook.  this is my first attempt at a "journal with me" type video.

and this is my second.  i need to make more of these in 2016!

here is a junque journal diy with a delightful cameo from my 12 year old son at the end.

and my most recent planner set up and walk through!

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