Friday, December 5, 2014

christmas projects: repost

well.  i haven't gotten a single christmas craft done yet this year, nor have i unpacked a single decoration.  i haven't even purchased any presents.  my one and only claim to christmas fame thus far in 2014 is the purchasing of the candy canes.  this is fairly typical for me, however, so i'm not too worried.  dear chelle is coming over to craft with me tomorrow and i'm sure that will put my in a christmas frame of mind.

i wanted to reshare my christmas projects from last year in case your a holiday busy bee in search of something to work on.  i made the reindeer string art, glittered pine cones, striped knit garland, and decorated cedar boughs.  you can see more pictures and a few words on what i did HERE.  merry christmas crafting!

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  1. And I am trying to figure out what I will bring over to work on.