Wednesday, December 24, 2014

scrappy share: we won!

i've been using my time off to get a little scrapbooking in.  with these three pages, january is complete.  what?  it's december.  well, so, i'm a little behind.  i am happy to report, however, that my photo printing is completely caught up through mid-december.  that is something to be mighty proud of.  the scrapbooking will happen in it's time . . .

product:  cocoa daisy december papercrafting kit 

story:  this was g's first year playing basketball.  he landed on the perfect team for him.  i could not have asked for a better setting for him to learn a little about the sport.  the coach took time to work with him one-on-one and the kids were all cool.  on the flip side, we didn't win any games until the very last one.  the kids were great sports throughout the entire season and never get discouraged.  that last game was majorly thrilling though!

photo: a super bad quality quickie taken after winning said game and realizing at the last minute that it really needed to be documented!  taken with my iphone 5s in a badly lit gym.

technique:  i handcut the letters from graphic print patterned papers from the kit.  i've been freehand cutting letters for a long long time.  to do it, i first cut a rectangle out in the approximate size that i want the letter to be.  then i start cutting away like edward scissorhands. 

i also went ahead and edged them with grey ink a la shimelle.  being as i was putting them on white cardstock and a couple of them had quite a bit of white in the print already, i just felt like the whites needed some separation.  i think the slightly grungy look works well here anyway.

design:  i had originally thought to outline each letter with my sewing machine but knew that was way too much work for my current mood.  instead, i opted for the out of the box boxes around each letter as well as my journaling.  i like the funky look and have done it a time or two before.   here's one of my favorites.  an oldie, but goodie.

and this one has an accompanying PL page.

i kept it simple by pulling in the boldest print from the layout and then adding in some stickers to caption each photo.

then this is a bonus january layout that i did a month or so ago and forgot to share.  it's done with my freckled fawn oh deer me kits and some of the neverending pile of project life cards in my stash.  that top right photo totally makes me laugh.  one morning i noticed that my kids, a coworker who shared my room, and myself were all in black.  we are all of us super happy people, but could not resist the opportunity to take a depressing emo photo.  we made the one boy in a pink oxford take it.  talk about blackballing someone . . . ;)

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  1. Ok... so I super duper love this! The giant handcut letters sure make a statement, and the sewing is the perfect finishing textural touch.
    And don't worry....I'm sure you'll get caught up at some stage! ;-)