Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry christmas!

welcome to another year of bad christmas photos!  it is a gift i tell you (or a curse), but my photos are always bad on december 25th.  at least the day was good, right?

i got up around 7:00 (darn cold) and admired my artwork while eating powdered donuts, drinking coke, and waiting for the boy to awaken.  he finally did closer to 9:00.  

then we both kinda sat around and admired my santa's artwork while waiting for his father to arrive.

i took pictures of my pretty muffin tin candle holder.

and finally broke into my stocking so we could have a little appetizer.

he finally arrived close to 11:00 (what?!  i will just go ahead and say this irritated me and totally reminded me of my own childhood and having to wait around till my teenaged sister decided to grace us with her presence on christmas morning ;) and the unwrapping of the presents commenced.  those photos are all blurry.  this is the best one and it's the best anyway.  who doesn't want a ben franklin for christmas?  g has been in a money hoarding mood lately, so this was especially cool for him.

the after unwrapping chaos.

building the battle of the five armies while mommy cooks christmas dinner.

i'm making it official.  cranberry pork loin is now a christmas tradition.  so SO good.  (and aren't my new christmas plates the cutest?).

battle of the five armies completed.  love that he still enjoys legos.

this is the best picture all day.  he got gummy chilli peppers from vat19.  they are apparently hotter than he expected.  "volatile" was the word he used and this one is supposed to be the mildest of the lot.  he's really going to be hurting when he tries the ghost pepper.

this pic is blurry because i was laughing so hard.  do you see the tears in his eyes?  ha!

but they were tears of joy (induced by a green hot chilli pepper gummy)!  it was indeed a wonderful christmas.  our best yet i think.  i especially enjoyed the twinkling lights, christmas music, and roaring fire this evening.

merry christmas and blessings to you all!


doris and gabriel


  1. I thought the tears in the eyes were from the hot gummy pepper! Looks like a great day!

  2. Just wondering, how do you get in and out of the house with the tree in front of the door?