Thursday, December 4, 2014

winter gardening

i really don't have much exciting to share by way of the garden, but i have missed hanging out with my plant peeps, so . . .

this is the paperwhite that i bought last month.  gorgeous blooms.  stinky plant.  and it apparently needs lots of sunlight which i don't get in my house, so i ended up sticking it outside.  it was just growing so wonky (and stinky!).

the christmas cactus, however, is a trooper.  this one lasted neglected in g's room all year long.  at times the foliage got all shriveled like my fingers after a too long bath.  but it always sprang right back after a good soak.  and then it made buds!  i brought it back in the kitchen and made a cute little shelf for it.  it doesn't seem to mind the lower light conditions (and it doesn't stink).  happy.  i took these pictures yesterday and it actually bloomed out fully today.  unfortunately, i don't get home from school till 4:00ish and it is mostly dark around these parts by then.  i will be glad when we pass the winter solstice and sunset starts creeping back in the other direction.

my herbs are still going strong.  i was bringing them in on nights that it froze, but i have found that they can actually handle temps in the upper 20's (farenheit) even.

letuce too.  we harvested a few little leaves tonight for our taco salad.

the cabbage is growing, but still no signs of making heads.  i'm not sure it will as i've noticed that there is not much plant growth this time of year.  these plants are about two months old and i read that they can take as much as four months to make a head, so i suppose there is still hope.  they are a pretty shot of green, regardless.  and i also read that they can handle temps in the low 20s (farenheit).

look at the cute wee carrot fronds.  not sure how they ended up under the cabbage or if they will make, but i love them.

and, of course, the pansies/violas/johnny jump-ups.  they aren't growing like crazy either, but they are still blooming and for that i am grateful.

joining up with mammasaurus and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. The paperwhites are very pretty, even if stinky :) And, I love the colour of your Christmas cactus. Those pansies are just beautiful x #HDYGG

  2. Mmmm tacos! Sorry I've a raging hunger on me this evening...

    I love the paperwhites but I'm guessing the stinkiness is a bad stinky and not a good stinky. Such a shame. Flowering cacti are always good and I'm always amazed at how hardy they are (perfect for people like me who are forgetful about watering!)

    Lovely photos as ever Doris - thanks ever so much for joining in again :) x

  3. oh how cool is that cactus a wonderful splash of colour and i would love to pick salad in the winter good for you

  4. Love those little violas. I want to get some to add a bit of colour during the winter months. :)

  5. I may have already asked this but where are you? You look a lot less cold and damp than we are in Normandy this week. I did have a few self seeded violas but they have pretty much finished flowering now but I do have 2 pots of them doing OK near the door for shelter. #HDYGG

  6. It seems to be a year for Christmas cacti - ours has buds this year too (it can be a bit fickle - but that could be it reacting to its treatment of course!) - they're beautiful though and I always love to see some cheeky little violas, they really make me smile :) #hdygg