Monday, December 29, 2014

holiday mini: july through november

my holiday mini-album was a year long project that i started with a great deal of enthusiasm last january.  i maintained my enthusiasm through march and then it began wavering.  i basically blew it off for the rest of the spring.  in june i decided to get caught up on it, but pared it down to just the title page, holiday pages, and the ending page each month of my son and i and a few of our favorite (current) things (i left out the birthday page, quotes page, and recipes page).  then i got behind again and had to power though on catching up in november and early december.  i am now down to just my december pages to be finished (i am planning on giving myself a year off from this project and then adding the missing birthday, quotes, and recipe pages in 2016).  what i have discovered is that i do not have the attention span for year long projects.  squirrel!

july opening page

celebrating the 4th of july, u.s. independence day

me and g, intro to august

august intro

first day of school

me and g, intro to september

intro to september

fall equinox

me and g, intro to october

intro to october


me and g, intro to november

intro to november


me and g - this is my favorite part of the book, the monthly photos of my son and i and a few of the things we liked about that month or something we did that month.  if you don't get in the photo month, i highly recommend that you make it a goal to have a monthly photo of you and your child(ren) or a selfie if you're single or past the kid years.  this is my second year doing this and it's so worth it.


  1. Love the idea of the monthly photo of the family (me and my children in my case). Love your album. May I bother you to ask where you found the green washi tape with mathematical equations? [If you know, that is!]?

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the tape! I'm off to search for it! My two are 8.5 (son) and almost 5 (daughter)....I will be taking those monthly pics and adding them to our PL album...I was looking at my last PL album last night and realised that there are only about 2 or 3 photos of me in the whole album...that has to change this time!

  3. I have missed your work --- so glad you are posting it on FB to remind me to come here and check it out. So beautiful. You make me miss scrapping, in a big way. <3