Sunday, December 7, 2014

newsflash! pack 471 wins again!

yesterday was a red letter day!  we started off the fun times with the christmas parade.  one of our pack moms crocheted beards for all the boys and dads (and even a little sister or two) so they could be the ice pickers off "frozen" as the theme this year was "a frozen christmas."

(on a side note for any family reading this: doesn't g look just like uncle gus in that beard?! :).

we are proud to report that pack 471 won the best non commercial float prize for the second straight year!  woot!  so proud of our boys and thankful for our hardworking parents.

i snuck off with another cub mom during the actual parade to go to jenni bowlin's "a vintage affair at haven farm."  this is the loot i snagged.  i've already shown you my muffin tin in action.

the little santa pins will be added to my chistmas scrapping hoard that i don't seem to be using.  i'm not sure what i'll do with the little dishes, but it's nice to splurge on something pretty now and then.

the glass ornaments will, of course, go up on the tree that we're hoping to get next weekend.  g has reminded me that we used the little fake ones last year and isn't too keen on repeating that lazy route again this year.

then chelle and mason came over after lunch and played with us all afternoon and evening.

selfie accident.  totally makes me laugh.  thought i'd share in case you need a good laugh too.

chelle has helped me get in the holiday spirit early and has promised to visit again soon so I will be sure to continue in this festive mood!  deck the halls!

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