Monday, December 15, 2014

me on monday: scarf season

me on monday.  i don't even know where to start.  (hello childhood santa that hasn't seen the light of day since g was three or so) i am flitting about in so many different directions.  not at school.  that is where i'm not.  the boy child has an ear infection (of all things) and an excessive amount of snot.  i finally did get dressed (in the same outfit i've been "getting dressed in when not in my pjs" for the last three days) to run to the dollar general for more lights for the insatiable tree that has taken up residence in our living room.  the third such run in three days.  the tree is finally well lit.  the ornaments will probably take another three days as i'm having to rehang each one after he hangs it.  hey.  he knows his mom is ocd at times.  then i get distracted with the teacher gift ideas i'm working on.  the tortilla soup i cooked for our lunch.  maybe peanut butter cookies later.  housework, perhaps?  oh, wait.  maybe lights up outside?  that would be revolutionary . . .

and, of course, making my sick son take photos of me in my new scarf to embarrass myself with all over the interweb.  i've never been a scarf person.  i grew up in florida, after all.  but my wool coat was annoying me around the neckline, so i started borrowing g's scarf and dude.  there is something to be said for scarves.  i made myself this one yesterday out of discarded pj's from the goodwill pile.  one pair had a blowout in the butt and the other pair was from circa 1990 and had a waistline entirely too high for my current comfort levels.

i originally planned on it being one layer of alternating squares with the rough edges showing.  i know; that looked rather, well, unfinished.  so i ended up piecing together the leftover bits to make a back layer.  i sewed these two pieces together inside out, leaving a little hole in the end to pull the right side through (then stitching shut the little hole).  after thoroughly ironing it, i decided to sew around the entire perimeter to keep it all in good shape.  fun times  i can't wait to wear it to school tomorrow.  i have informed g that he cannot be sick for another day as i have way too many mid-terms to read and my students would have panic attacks if i'm not there to help them . . .

joining with fair sian fair and "me on monday."  how has your monday been?


  1. It's gorgeous! tartan scarves are very fashionable round here this year (sshh..TSO is getting one as a surprise for Christmas) and this one looks so flannelly soft, it's the nicest I've seen anyway. And we're scarves experts, living in this climate! Have a great week Doris. And I hope G feels a lot better very soon

  2. Awesome scarf. First thing I thought when I saw that top picture. That, and I think you and I would hit it off in person. I think you're my kind.