Thursday, December 25, 2014

quality literature: when you are engulfed in flames

i feel i should begin with a disclaimer here.  this is the book i came home with from my high school english department's christmas party.  the teacher who gifted it described it as brilliantly written and laugh out loud funny in places.  (i interject here that he is a thirty year old single guy).  upon finishing the book, i will totally agree.  it is brilliantly written and laugh out loud funny in places.  however, the laugh out loud part isn't the deep belly laugh that erupts when watching stupid cat videos on youtube or being witness to a socially awkward fart.  rather, this is the shallow, sarcastic laugh from brilliant writing that goes a little too far.  it is way crass in places and nothing is sacred.  nothing.  you've been warned.

his book came in the bag it was purchased in and stuffed in an old, unwrapped shoe box.  perfect.  this is the cute wrapping job that my book to gift, the invention of wings, came in.  also perfect, although i did hear the remark, "she's a scrapbooker." as it was passed around the table.  ;)

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