Tuesday, December 9, 2014

deck the halls 2014: christmas mantel

the stars (unexpectedly) aligned yesterday and i was able to get my christmas mantel up!  then the sun shone today and i was actually able to get some decent pictures of it.  oh!  don't you love it!  it makes me so happy!  the santa/reindeer print is one that i got at "a vintage affair at haven farm" on saturday.  i actually got three christmas prints and a couple silhouette prints as well.  luckily, they are all available online HERE.  if you are interested in the christmas ones, you should act fast.  they are in limited supply currently and once they're gone, they probably won't be restocked till the 2015 holiday season.

now, let's talk about that map, shall we?  i honestly cannot believe how lucky i am.  i had been wanting a map of some sort to frame and hang above the mantel, but had not had extra cash for the purchase yet.  i happened to be at my morning elementary one day earlier this fall and visiting in a room i don't normally go in and saw this very map on the floor leaning against the wall. upon seeing it, i exclaimed, "oh! that is gorgeous!  i'd LOVE to have a map like that to hang over my mantel!"  the teacher i was chatting with said, "really.  you can have it.  we've been trying to get rid of it.  we thought we had a taker last week, but she bailed on us.  pull your car up to the (classroom) door and we'll load it for you."  and it even (barely) fit in the backseat of my corolla!  oh happy HAPPY day!

here are some nicer photos of the garlands i made last year.   the knit garland is just knotted strips of striped knit shirts that i bought at goodwill.  i went on sunday and only bought half price/99 cent shirts, so the total cost was just $4.00.

the pine cones were collected at our cubmaster's house, sprayed with paint leftover from a valentine's day project, and then glittered from my stash.

reindeer string art that i also made last year.  i need to get on the stick and make a new christmas décor project this year!

close up of the stitching, vintage flowers (from jenni), and glittered leaves (from joann's).

and vintage bells from my mom.  have yourself a merry little christmas!  let your heart be light!


  1. I love it Doris. It looks great. What a neat treasure getting that map for free. Awesome!

  2. Beautiful Doris! I love that map! What a lucky find that was!