Friday, February 7, 2014

good blog reads

hello friends!  how is life treating you?  it's quite nice here.  i do have a bit of a cold, though.  you know how colds are.  i had been ignoring it all week and then a kindly coworker asked how i was and that's all it took.  colds are pesky things; once you acknowledge them, they think they can burrow in and stay a while.  hmph.  yesterday was parent teacher conferences at school, so i had to work from 7am to 7pm, but this morning only 8:00 to noon.  it was actually nice to get several things done without the kids there.  i feel more on top of things now and that's a very nice feeling.  my little sweet potato got to spend the night with one of his besties last night, so my cold and i made an early night of it.  8:00pm to 7am.  wow!  that felt amazing!  now i am looking forward to baked spaghetti that i did not bake myself and an evening jaunt to michael's (hello! i don't even have to drive) to check out the new heidi swapp goodies that everyone's been instagramming.  it's still cold around these parts, but there's another forecast of snow at the midnight hour.  perhaps we'll wake up to a blanket of white.  my camera is anxious for that.  i hope you have a lovely weekend ahead.  if you're looking for a little extra reading material, here are a few new blogs i've stumbled upon recently.  it's an exceptionally good batch.  enjoy.  :) breathtakingly beautiful photography (not a blog, but worth the time to see and be inspired). boho chic and lots of home decor. photographer, casual outfit posts, this and that, and a few chickens. stunning paper arts. awesome. real. eclectic. home life. a little boho. awesome. eclectic in a kid centric sort of way. a blog written by two teens with aspergers (and their moms sometimes write a little too). way witty.  beautiful photography and thoughts.  and a bit of travel.  more pretty pictures of every day happenings.  and i believe another australian blogger.  i seem to gravitate towards australian bloggers (and bloggers with pastel colored hair, although this one, to my knowledge, does not have pastel colored hair.  what can i say?  more pretty pictures from the southern hemisphere.  the foodie ones make me hungry and yearning for summer.  perhaps that is why i'm loving the blogs from the other side of the world right now.  it's summer there! beautiful lifestyle photographer (and videographer!)

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  1. Hope your cold doesn't get the best of you and you feel better soon. Yum baked spaghetti and even better when you don't have to cook it...Your kitty pic looks so sweet. Makes me want to grab a kitty and crawl into bed.