Wednesday, February 19, 2014

quality literature: clover

back in my north carolina days, a friend found a cookbook by this author at a yard sale and bought it for me.  she cleverly modified the cover a tiny bit, so that it was my own name, "doris sander."  we laughed.  i need to find that cookbook, because i know i wouldn't have gotten rid of it in my moving purge last year.  it was a gift, after all.  i think that might be where the few handwritten recipes i wanted to keep are located.  i'm still searching for a good potato soup recipe, and i'm thinking one might be in there.

i actually didn't know this author had written a novel as well.  i happened to come across it in a discard pile at my morning high school and decided to bring it home.  i finally got around to reading it this past weekend and enjoyed it immensely.  it's a quick read; i think it's probably considered a young adult novel.  i finished it in 2 evenings.  what i loved about it is that it reminded me so much of my youth, growing up in the deep south.  it's actually even set in the 80's, although, thank goodness, you won't find any overt references to 80's pop culture in it.  it's a very gently told story of two cultures learning to live together more gracefully.  it's written in a series of vignettes that hop around from topic to topic, but always weave together with a purpose in the end of each chapter.  yes, i did indeed enjoy it.

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