Sunday, February 23, 2014

menu plan: blue and gold donuts

you probably assume that i'm cooking up a storm even when i'm not blogging about it.  that sad truth is that is not the case.  something about the weekly discipline of blogging about it keeps me doing it.  otherwise, what we eat is way too haphazard.  must do better, right? 

and while we're talking about my shortcomings, i might as well go ahead and admit that i do not get things done ahead of time.  like making blue and gold donut cupcakes that i've never made before.  i definitely should have had a practice run earlier this week.  i had this great idea to squeeze the juice out of the blueberries in the freezer and add that to the cake mix instead of the water that the recipe called for.  it truly was a great idea, unfortunately, the cake mix that i had was yellow.  butter yellow + blueberry purple = grey sludge.  they tasted good, but we're not appropriate for a public appearance.  i totally had to buy a box of white cake mix after church and attempt round two.  these turned out better, but still need some work.  the glaze is thanks to an emergency phone call to my sister.  it's just confectioners sugar with lemon juice drizzled in till it reaches the right consistency and then add a drop of yellow food coloring.  maybe now that i've christened the donut pan, i will actually research and bake a real donut recipe.  maybe.

the good thing about being a mom is that the kid thinks my paltry efforts are amazing.  he loved  squishing the blueberries, he loved eating the donut cupcakes, and he proudly hauled the box into the blue and gold banquet for the silent auction.  i love that kid.

this week's menu plan:
sunday - blue and gold banquet
monday - rotisserie chicken, potatoes, and green beans
tuesday - cooking with tammy (tortilla soup?)
wednesday - dinner at church
thursday - bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches
friday - open
saturday - potato soup and grilled cheese (i WILL find a potato soup recipe this week!)


  1. ahhh! the blue and gold! G looks so proud holding his momma's creations!

  2. squeeze the blueberries - genius!
    your boy looks so handsome xx