Monday, August 31, 2015

suggs creek: paradise in a ditch

i took these pictures down in a ditch on the side of the road.  actually, it was a little creek with a really, really big culvert.  actually, it was paradise except for the roadside trash.  i'll abstain from a rant, but only barely.  but seriously.  is noting sacred from our apparent apathy?  anyway.  i really need to wear rubber boots next time.  i kept hearing a really big frog, but wasn't about to wade through the muck in my chucks.  also, i probably should wear pants next time.  ouch!  i'll tell you about that later.  but now.  now let's get to the beautiful part.  oh my.  this is my happy place.  nature's canvas is incomparable.  and i wonder what these things are.  i saw them and knew i had missed something glorious and knew i had something to look forward to finding next year.

the butterflies . . .

the flowers . . .

there are four tiny beauties in this one.

stunning.  and look at that nose!

the bees drew me to these blossoms.  they were on vines growing up into these little trees.

"more than anything, i must have flowers always, always . . . " - claude monet

i was especially tickled to see this one.  i had seen one on a hike last fall, but it only had one striking red petal left on the whole stalk.  i knew it had to be something special, and it is.  the cardinal flower.

i also loved that i could see so many colors mixed together here.

hello, mr. grasshopper!

enjoy your bath!

you've picked a gorgeous place for it!

my first dragonfly capture in a good long while.  nice having a zoom lens to play with.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you kidding me?!  a hummingbird.  i heard it buzz in.  i was giddy.  elated.  entranced.  so very happy.

more butterflies . . .

 more flowers . . .

 i was playing with the telephoto with these.  i think i need to try this again.  it's pretty, but i haven't quite mastered the shot.  i love photography.  there's always something new to learn, something new to see.


 next year i will meet you in your youth!  :)

joining in with annie and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. Oh Doris - lovely lovely shots! That hummingbird! What luck (and skill) to capture it. I can imagine you squealing with delight - I love moments like that, when you know you are getting a good photo, a prized one - such a happy moment.
    Shame about the rubbish (rant away) but such wildlife and nature there, photo fodder for sure. I know exactly what you mean about 'there's always something new to learn'!
    Thank you for joining in again lovely x

  2. Beautiful captures and the insects, amazing detail. Aren't grasshoppers wonderful and I can only dream of ever seeing a hummingbird.

  3. What fantastic butterfly shots! I have spent so much time chasing butterflies with no decent photo to show for it!

  4. What an amazing abundance for a ditch at the side of the road! I love the butterflies but oh wow a hummingbird!!

  5. what a beautiful ditch you found, the cardinal is a very vivid red.A fantastic capture of the Hummingbird

  6. It sure was a lovely ditch! And I'm intrigued about the no pants! ;) #hdygg ps welcome back x

  7. Here is proof indeed that a ditch can be so beautiful!