Friday, October 16, 2015

cocoa daisy: ober gatlinburg

my goodness!  it's a good thing i finally took the time to tidy up the photo files on my laptop.  i had completely forgotten to edit and upload this layout!  i believe it was with the september (or maybe even august) cocoa daisy kit.  and i can't even believe we're getting close to cold weather season again.  brrrrrrr.  nor can i believe that my baby's been a boy scout for months and months now.  time flies.  this was his last big trip with the cub scouts.  i remember being so proud of him for sticking to it in the skating rink even though it made him nervous and he didn't like it much at all.  he persevered.  then i was very thankful that he really took to the skiing and loved it lots.  what a great trip!  we sure did love our cub scout pack and we love our boy scout troop too, we just love scouting.  it's brought and keeps bringing us so many wonderful opportunities and great people.

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