Friday, October 30, 2015

florida photos: homecoming 2015

there's nothing like homecoming festivities in a small town.  my high school bff and i went back to our hometown this year for the first time in ages and ages.  it was so much fun!

my nephew, the handsome and talented quarterback.

this brings back memories.  my bff and i were both in the band and marched in many a parade.


i actually had to carry the bass drum once.  can you believe that?

melissa and i weren't the only ones to come home for homecoming.  :)

calvin pryor, of new york jets fame, also came home to marshal the parade.  what a guy!

a sweet neighbor's daughter was on the homecoming court.

i remember when those two sitting in the front seat started dating back in the day.

scooby doo and the mystery machine are onto a new mystery!

could it be the zombies that they're after?

never fear!  the wrecking ball is here!

 the bestie and i posing with calvin pryor, a high school classmate, the homecoming queen, and the winning quarterback.  we were quite popular that night.  bwahaha!

scenes from my youth reenacted.  so much fun.  let's do it again soon, melissa!  :)

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