Saturday, October 31, 2015

happy halloween!

happy halloween!  i was worried my boy wouldn't get to dress up for halloween this year now that he's in middle school, but he did!  he decided to go as a movie theater floor, so funny and clever.  he wore it to trunk or treat at church and everyone seemed to get a kick out of it.

for actual halloween we were in gatlinburg this year and just walked around the shopping complex there.  the highlight of the evening was the ferris wheel.  my friend sherri and i are both not impressed with heights, so we took silly selfies the whole time to avoid thinking about where we were in space.  ha!

and now i am all caught up with october blogging!  hooray!  now to catch up on november.  i'm determined to finish out the year with 365 posts!  i'm so close! ;)

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