Saturday, May 11, 2013

jbs mercantile: may historian

i'm enjoying project life a lot more these days, mostly because there's a lot more light and color in my photos.  yay spring!  it's motivated me to grab my real camera a lot more often these days too.

on this page:  this spread was created with the may jbs mercantile papercrafting kit (sold out).  the top left photo was taken on my android, then edited with the sierra filter on instagram.  the smallest photos on both spreads were also taken with my android, then re-sized and brightened with the diptic app.  the three kitty pics and the flower were taken with my canon and edited through photoshop.

i especially loved adding a few enamel dots here and there for a touch of dimension.

on this page:  most of these were with my canon.  the cub scout pics were with the android and edited with the vignette app, toy camera i think.  i'm really loving the easy editing options that my android apps provide.

i wasn't happy with the photo overlapping the camera, so i used my exacto to trim the camera out of the journaling card just a bit and then slipped the photo under.  much better.

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