Sunday, May 19, 2013

menu plan: fireside chats

well, i meant to snap a quick pic of our hobo meals saturday, but i was so hungry by the time they were ready, that i just ate it and forgot all about the photo.  i could show you the chocolate covered cricket s'mores that i made last night, but that might turn off those of you with delicate sensibilities or stomachs.  i suppose i could go heat up the fried fish from last night after g and i went to bed; the guys saved us some.  we just got home though, so i'm still in the wipe out zone.  so hows about a photo of the campfire.  the center of social gatherings, the dryer for our chronically soggy shoes due to incessant spring rains, and the source of everything tasty at camp out.  more camp pics coming soon . . .

this week's menu:
sunday - fried fish leftover from camp out
monday - the chicken parmesan that didn't get made last week
tuesday - the hamburgers that didn't get made last week
wednesday - church
thursday - country ham, slice baked potatoes, green beans
friday - open
saturday - aunt theresa's coming for a visit!!!


  1. may i drop by on thursday??

  2. That's a really fantastic photo, I absolutely love it. It is indeed too much sometimes to stop and take a photo before eating the food! Hope you had a great time, looking forward to seeing more of your amazing photos. Have a lovely weekend, Claire