Sunday, May 5, 2013

menu plan: happy cinco de mayo!

big improvement on the fajitas thanks to rita's suggestion!  turns out marinade was the missing ingredient.  i think rita's recipe must be fabulous, but we all know i'm just plain lazy (at least in the kitchen).  i used kroger's tequila lime 30 minute marinade.  it's the same one i use for the amazing fiesta lime chicken and shishkabobs which g has requested for this week. i also used fresh onions (instead of frozen) along with the fresh bell pepper.  i found if i put the lid on for a few minutes it steamed them so i didn't have to worry about overly crunchy veggies in my fajitas.  i also kept with the can of drained rotel per g's request.  they were obviously tasty as we didn't have any leftovers thanks to my one and only.

this week's menu:
sunday - outback
monday - shishkabobs
tuesday - tammy's
wednesday - church
thursday - burgers, macaroni, salad
friday - open
saturday - mini pizza samplers, 5 minute key lime pie (didn't happen last week, oops!)

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