Sunday, May 5, 2013

scout day at the u.s. space and rocket center

beam us up scotty!  yesterday we went to the u.s. space & rocket center with our cub scout pack.  i love that cub scouts gets my anti-social agoraphobic self out and about.  despite waking up at 6:00 a.m., driving two hours in the rain, a high of 49 degrees, and six hours in wet one-stars, it was a delightful day.  ;)

located at one tranquility base in huntsville, alabama, it is a nasa visitor center, a smithsonian affiliate, and definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.  we didn't get to check out the outdoor area as much as we'd have liked, due to the weather, but there was plenty to do and see inside.

we enjoyed lots of informative and interactive displays as well as an imax movie.  by far their favorite was a mars tour simulation.  it was seriously just like being on a roller coaster!  so fun we did it twice.  we almost didn't make the imax, since as soon as we sat down g's acrophobia kicked in.  i must admit that i was almost relieved as the imax tends to give me a mild case of vertigo.  as we were getting up to leave though, g decided that standing in the back of the room might be okay, so these two sat on the steps back there and i sat in a chair half watching the movie through slits in my fingers as i had my hands plastered in front of my face.  glad we stuck around.  magnificent desolation was good.  truly, i have never had a burning desire to go into space, but the vastness of it, our smallness, and yet the magnitude of our being able to get there is very awe inspiring to me.  i may have teared up a bit.  good thing my hands were handy.  ha!

this was my favorite display.  coke in space!  i might rethink going!  i managed to get another pic of me and g too.  as i was snapping one of this space coke vending machine, i noticed that our reflection was showing up in the back.  fun.  and on a side note, thanks to aleida's challenge, i already have five photos of g and i together this year.  most are poor quality selfies, but i love them all.  i'm going to try to remember get someone to take another good one of the two of us next week for mother's day.

all photos were taken on my smartphone and edited with the vignette app for android.  i used the toy camera filter with a 3:2 convex snapshot frame and also adjusted the brightness and temperature slightly.  the very top photo i used leaky toy camera for fun and because it was a really bad pic to begin with.

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