Sunday, August 23, 2015

a sunday walk: northern exposure

here's that last sunday walk in a different direction.  i think this one is north, but who knows.  maybe i should bring my boy scout and his compass next time.  you can find the other sunday walks here: south, east, and west.

i found a huge, gorgeous, old oak tree loaded with acorns.

this was on it and i have no idea what it is.  i wasn't curious enough to touch it.

i really want a trumpet vine on my fence line.  i need to go back and harvest some seeds and see if i can get them to grow next spring.

these things bloom all summer long.

it appears i am into selfies now.  my middle sister is glad that i am taking photos of my face instead of my feet now, except she doesn't really like the ones in which i look like i am in an asylum.  she will freely tell you, however, that she didn't get any of the artistic genes in the family.  we love her lots though as apparently she got all the nursing genes in the family which come in handy a lot.

the passion flower was in full bloom in broad daylight, so there goes my early morning theory.

milkweed pods!  and to think i didn't even know what these were last summer.

passion flower passion fruit.  i think it turns yellow when it's ripe.

i kinda wanted to keep going, but it was starting to drizzle so i had to turn back.  maybe next time.

good advice on a street sign.

these were all taken with my iphone 5s because there was a 60% chance of rain that afternoon and i figured it was easier to keep the phone dry than the big camera.  they are also all unedited except for the selfies.  selfies always need editing, but i was just too lazy to edit the rest.  :)

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