Monday, August 31, 2015

quality literature: my boy is a poet

you can't even imagine how thrilled i am to know my baby loves words as much as i do.  above is the rough draft of a poem that he wrote at school and was so excited about that he was reading it to me practically before he even shut the car door after getting off the bus that afternoon.  i had him jot down notes on the grocery list pad as he came up with extra lines to mull over.  he wasn't overly impressed when i helped him edit it for redundancy and word choice but quickly realized i was right when i asked him if he thought edgar allen poe released a poem straight off the pencil without editing.

below is the final version.  he reports that he got a 100, and it's hanging on the wall at school.  :)

ode to pencil

oh pencil, you are a gateway to other galaxies.
you are a guide through time and space.
you translate people's thoughts and feelings.
you spark ideas.
you can turn paper into life.
the world would be dark and grim, dull and boring without you.
you inspire thoughts and dreams.
you preserve history.
you are the instrument of words.


  1. A poet! How exciting. Awesome composition, G; I can hear your passion!

  2. it's very good! big like here. :)