Saturday, August 22, 2015

butterfly bonanza! pat two

other than mowing the lawn and dealing with the bradford pear limbs that keep falling off, i have done nothing in the yard this year.  nothing.  it is truly shameful.  i don't know where my gardening oomph went, but i hope it returns this fall so i can at least get the place ready to go back at it next spring.

thank goodness for flowers that reseed themselves from year to year.  i planted the morning glories above last year and they came back again this year.  the zinnias were planted two years ago, so this is their second year reseeding. go mother nature!

you can see the buggies are thankful as well.  :)

also the third year for the marigolds and purple coneflowers.  i'm not sure if the little blue morning glory is a reseed or a weed, but i'll take it.  the watermelon vine came from seeds i spit off the front porch this spring.  bonus.

i especially enjoy watching the butterflies and I've had quite a selection of them this year despite my laziness. i posted some last month that i'd taken with my canon.  i've had quite a few more visitors since including this swallowtail.

these super cute little skippers.  i'm glad i was finally able to get them sitting with their wings folded up like this.  i think they look like little teddy bears.

and this one's name is new to me.  fritillary.  beautiful.

all these were taken with my iphone 5s.  i made the collages in diptic, mainly because it was easier to upload 7 pics from my phone to my computer rather than 28.


  1. Hi Doris, Good to see you are still around. Your flowers are lovely. Linda Cummings

  2. Just goes to show a great photographer can make any camera work for her :) These flowers are such a cheerful boost on a very grey day here