Saturday, August 29, 2015

the elusive tennessee monarch: part two

i went back the next day with the real camera.  i saw that darn butterfly as i was walking up, but then she flew away.  i did get some better shots of this guy though.  he had assumed the position with his butt in the air like he just don't care.  i think he was getting ready for the big change.  it was late afternoon/early evening when i took these shots.  i think he looks quite dapper in the golden glow.

switched out lenses for the macro here and in the following photos.

this little guy was funny.  i love the shot of him peeking up over the milkweed.

back to the kit lens.  as i was stalking the monarch, i had fun watching this barn cat stalking something off in the field.

this is the little monarch habitat.  i sat on that tire reading and waiting for the butterfly to return, but she never did.  oh well.  i discovered a lovely, peaceful place to read!

stay tuned!  this story isn't over . . .

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