Friday, August 28, 2015

the elusive tennessee monarch: part one

so as i was walking home from my sunday afternoon walk a couple weeks ago, i saw a splash of pink in the distance and decided to do a little more trespassing.  i was rewarded with some patches of fresh milkweed.

i found this little guy right away.  he was happy with the drizzle and doing a bit of singing.  i believe i saw some of his kinfolk earlier this summer.

i also saw the usual buggy pick up joint.

and then i saw this.  my very first tennessee monarch.  wowzas.  made me so happy.  i only had my iphone with me, and this was the only picture i managed to snag before it left but you'd better believe i was planning on some butterfly stalking.

i'm really starting to love that late summer in between season.  it has a beauty all its own.

and then there was this.  all sorts of wonderful.

yep.  i had to go back, so stay tuned . . .

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