Thursday, August 20, 2015

quality literature: high druid of shannara

i read through the high druid of shannara trilogy by terry brooks this week.  i was engrossed and thoroughly enjoyed them per usual with his books.  i read one review that said his older works are strong on characterization and i totally agree.  the story line was interesting, but i really got connected with the characters and was concerned what would become of each of them.  i thought all their little endings were tied up nicely.

school starting in the fall seems to be my trigger for wondering if i'll meet my 52 books in a year quota.  probably this is due to mrs. price's "books i read" wall chart.  i am highly motivated by stickers and a little friendly competition.  i just checked.  i'm at 20 at the moment.  a little behind, but not too bad.  i need to compile a good list and start powering through!

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