Monday, August 31, 2015

back to school

i had every intention of writing a back to school post the week school started.  now here we are with a month of school behind us and i'm trying to play catch up.  time really does fly by in the blink of an eye.  i mean, my baby started middle school this year.  hello!  those top two photos are from the first day of school. we both got fancy new backpacks.  life is good.  g rides the bus to and from school this year since the middle school is in town and we live out in the country where both of my schools are.  actually, i just got him his first iphone this week so he could text me that he's made it onto the bus ok.  my goodness times have changed.  i wonder if my mom worried about me at the bus stop back in the day.  i absolutely adore that last photo above.  i know it's blurry and unfabulous, but that expression on his face is priceless.  he totally loves middle school.  loves it.  i am so grateful to his teachers and administrators for creating this environment of learning and fun and community.  and i treasure this photo that i snapped quick in the car rider line one afternoon.

i love the back to school smell of new crayons, being surrounded by brilliant english teachers and stacks and stacks of great books, introducing children to great books, helping my child learn new skills . . . this life is a good one.

i meant to take a pic of g in all his new t-shirts the first few days of school.  that has more or less fallen by the wayside.  maybe this post will motivate me to pick the project back up.  i just think it would make a great scrapbook page and such a neat thing to remember.  i really took the time to help him find shirts that expressed his personality and interests.  i just wanted middle school to be great for him.  isn't it funny that the soy sauce shirt is his favorite?  i even ordered a few shirts online and surprised him with a couple happy mail days.  in addition to these, there's a dr. who one, a chuy's mexican restaurant one, an fsu one, a florida vacation one, a couple cool ones my sister sent.  yep.  i need to get busy taking more pics.  this is a great way to record a special moment in time.  life is precious and i want to remember all of it.  :)

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  1. nice backpacks. nicer t-shirt! Love reading about your family and back-to-school times.