Monday, August 31, 2015

suggs creek: cardinal flower

i was very excited to see these cardinal flowers down in the culvert, although at the time i didn't know their name.  i briefly debated going down in the culvert to photograph them, then i saw the hummingbird.  i blinked and almost didn't believe my eyes.  the debate was over in an instant.  i trucked it back to my car to get the zoom lens that i should have brought to begin with and made my way down into paradise.

i stalked this little guy for quite some time.  it was such a thrill to hear the whir each time and know he had come back for another round.  hummingbird is the perfect moniker for these guys.  actually, they are quite loud!

those first two shots are the only sort of clear photos that i got.  i definitely have to learn more about my zoom lenses.  i have two 70-300 lenses.  they are both hand me downs, as is my camera.  neither lens works in autofocus, so i have to try to manually focus and the little bird is so fast!  also, i think i have lighting issues and my shutter speed is probably not fast enough considering the age of the lenses and camera.  still.  these blurred shots have an artistic quality to them i think.

and the lighting on these cardinal flowers is just dreamy.

nature is fascinating.

and then there is my recent foray into selfies with the iphone.  i don't know where this urge has come from.  i am not nearly as photogenic as the little hummingbird, but it is fun to experiment with angles and lighting on myself.  also note the bulging pockets in that first shot.  packing three lenses is not easy. i should wear my cargo pants!  that would probably have prevented the massive thorn injury as well.  those things we're in full on beast mode!

and now for the butterflies . . .

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