Monday, August 31, 2015

menu plan: the hispanic farmer's market

g and i had a fun afternoon together this past saturday.  we went to cedars of lebanon state park and the lebanon flea market.  they're across the street from each other and just about twelve minutes from our house.  we loaded up on cinnamon rolls before leaving home, then after a nature hike through the park, we had tacos al pastor (me) and a steak quesadilla (g) from a food truck at the flea market.  then we picked up a few items for the week at the hispanic farmer's market.  their produce is simply the best, and it's also an easy place to pick up the authentic cheeses that i like.  i had fried plantain, queso seco, and fresh corn on the cob from our garden for dinner.  mmmmmmm.  it was a very good day.

this week's menu plan:
sunday - farmer's market
monday - bacon and eggs, strawberry shortcake
tuesday - chicken stir fry
wednesday - church
thursday - fajitas
friday - open
saturday - quesadillas

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