Sunday, August 23, 2015

wilson county fair 2015

we used to go to the fair every other year or so.  i mean, the wilson county fair is awesome, but crowds are not, at least in my opinion.  here lately though we've been going every year.  g's gotten to that age where all the kids talk about it in school and it's just a big deal.  i'm a good mama, so i deal.  this year was the best.  it was scheduled to rain off an on the whole evening.  you know what that means, right?  the people stay home!  score!  we did get a little wet, but hey!  no lines!

i got my roasted corn and funnel cakes, the boys rode enough rides to justify their arm bands, and i photographed the chickens.  my three requirements for a successful fair outing.  good times.

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