Sunday, July 20, 2014

florida photos: windmark beach

i was in a "meh, been there photographed that" sort of mood the day i took the boys to the beach on our most recent florida trip.  i almost didn't take my camera out of the bag.  we had gone to windmark which is a more natural rustic area as far as north florida beaches go.  we chose that spot as i guessed there would be less tourists and i was right.  we practically had the place to ourselves until noon when we were leaving anyway. 
so, as i was sitting there contemplating life, i thought i should at least take a picture of the wooded area to show the different beach topography.

i figured i might as well snap a few photos of the puffy clouds while i was sitting there with camera in hand.  puffy clouds make for happy pictures, after all.

then i happened to remember that i wanted to photograph the morning glories.  they were indeed glorious.

and i noticed the sea oats against the blue sky and puffy clouds and clicked a few more snaps off.

looking down i noticed the shadows playing on the sand beneath the foliage.

then i saw two colorful planes flying overhead.

and the silver dollar weed reminded me of my childhood.

it was nice to see the sand dunes growing back after the big hurricane several years ago.

then i got a "look what i found!"

which led to a "hey! look at me, so i can take your picture."

a gorgeous swallowtail stopped in for a visit.

and the morning glories were still glorious.

i tried photographing a ghost crab, but he was feeling quite shy.

pretty shells

cute boy.

amazing day, just begging to be enjoyed and remembered.

i even got inspired to take a few selfies after all that.  ;)


  1. It was certainly worthwile taking out your camera afterall! Nature changes things all the time and sometimes I forget this as well.