Monday, July 14, 2014

quality literature: uglies (pretties, specials, extras)

these were good beach reading for our florida trip.  not as good as some dystopian i've read, but definitely enjoyable.  i think part of my not gushing over them may be due to the fact that i lean more towards fantasy fiction rather than science fiction and these definitely had a bit of a techy vibe.  also, while i do think that humans are an infection on planet earth, i do not think we are all the idiots implied every time the word "rusties" was spoken in these books.  just sayin'.  i mean, i am doing my part in growing my garden and all.  and i do have a couple baby trees growing along the fence line.   anyway, enjoyable, but not profound.  easy, light summer reading.

oh!  also, i must tell you that the first three books are a trilogy.  the fourth is an extension very similar to growing up with the first three indiana jones movies and then watching the fourth.  oh my!

and now i must get some serious reading done!  i've just started one book, and two more of my library holds have shown up on my kindle.  ack!  read, read, READ!  :)

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