Tuesday, July 22, 2014

project life: july 4th 2012

a quickie share independence day 2012.  wow!  what a difference an iphone makes.  these photos were all taken with my old android and are horrible.  but the memories are good!  i jazzed them up with some stickers and other fun stuff from my july jbs mercantile kits (mostly from the historian which is still available).  the bits of color layered over the dark pictures helps tremendously, i think.  i blogged the layout on the left earlier; you can see it HERE.

and now i must figure out what we are doing with the rest of our summer.  we just flew back from texas last night.  another fun trip in the books!  and now more travel pics to blog!  hooray!  this week is the last hurrah for us.  i start back to work next monday and g's first day of school is august 1st.  what?!!!

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