Sunday, July 6, 2014

homer's farm: 6/27/14

these colors are so gorgeous to me.  the farm is pumping out the tomatoes right now.  all kinds and pounds and pounds of them.  (note: some of the tomatoes in the hoop houses have rot on the bottoms.  homer has determined that this is a calcium deficiency and has treated them for it).

the guys tying up the tomatoes yet again.  they are grow, grow, growing!

i love this shot.  three sets of hands working together.  and this was after carole had trimmed them and i had pulled all the pigweed.  happy hands making a happy garden.  :)

the beans.  is this not inspiring?  i have never grown beans myself, but i'm going to try next year if only to have a cool structure like this in my yard.  maybe a little teepee for starters?  fun times.

 bush bean blossoms and bokah.  beautiful.

g casually perusing his way down the zinnia patch.  he has devious plans to pillage the blackberry bushes hidden behind those sunflowers.  note the pretty row of herbs to the right.

hey, blondie!

here comes the sun!  little darling!  here comes the sun!  i said, it's all right!

look at all those ecstatic pollinators!

candy stripe zinnias!

these three were all in the same clump.

i'm curious to know if they had separate roots and were thus separate plants, or if it's genetics at play with a little cross pollination action.  things that make you go, "hmmm . . . "


mystery flower.  I totally forgot to ask, but it's lovely.

this week's harvest.  WOWZA!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh my those zinnias are smashing! Such a great harvest again this week, loving all those tomatoes and beans!
    We have 2 dwarf sunflowers here bracing themselves to bloom and my son planted the last few sunflower seeds this weekend. I thought it might be too late in the year to plant them but sure enough, they are poking out through the ground already!
    Keep on enjoying that magnificent garden and those harvests! Thanks for joining in again x