Sunday, July 20, 2014

quality literature: sisterhood of the traveling pants (1-5)

i picked up this first one from a teacher at school and then ended up tracking down the other four and reading them non-stop till I finished the series (five books total).  i became engaged with the four girls in the story immediately and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their different personalities and seeing how they related with the other characters in the story.  i laughed at them, cried once or twice, and even got angry with them at times when their character flaws got the best of them.  if you enjoy chick lit with great characterization, check these out.

once again, this is a series in which the story is finished and then an addendum has been added.  the first four books deal with the girls in their high school years and starting college.  you can definitely stop with the first four, the fifth picks up their story about ten years down the road and has a slightly different vibe.

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