Wednesday, January 1, 2014

one little word 2014!

happiest of new years to you!  i picked me one little word for 2014 . . . holiday!  i'm excited about the idea of celebrating all the fabulous people and moments in my life this year. 

have you chosen a word to guide your year?  this is my fourth year with this tradition.  in 2010 i chose "focus."  that was pretty much a dud.  i'm a deep thinker to begin with, so a word that made me even more somber was just too much.  the next year i went polar opposite and chose "joy."  that was a little better, but ironically it lacked focus.  ha!  i did try to start an art journal with that one, but it didn't really take.  last year i tried once more and picked "details."  that one was a winner!  i started project life, did two months of haiku challenges, and two months of photo-a-day challenges.  i also rocked valentine's day and my christmas mantel among other things.  these last two gave me the idea of this year's word, "holiday."  i want to remember birthdays and send christmas cards this year.  i want to do some decor projects for the holidays and host a few parties.  things like that.  i think it's a fun way to be present and make the days, weeks, and months more special.  i decided to try giving my word it's own home again this year.  instead of the art journal, i'm going with a handbook/mini-album style.  i'm not sure yet what all i'll put in it, but i'll keep you posted!

the foundation of the book is a basic grey handbook that i got in a recent jbs mercantile mini-album kit.  i also took the guts (dividers, page protectors) out of a pink paislee handbook i had (from another previous mini-album kit).  most of the bits are from the january jbs mercantile artisan and antiquarian kits.  i simply adore those large die-cut numbers - sheer perfection for the start of a new year.  and vintage bits always add so much charm to a page.  the little flatback is exclusive to the main kit.  i can't wait to really break into that one.  the exclusives this month are fabulous.

this spread has a little note about my word on the left and my first "6 word sentence" on the right (more on that next challenge week!).

and here i've printed a calendar to put birthdays and obscure holidays on (i got my holiday list from tami's "got glue" journal class) and a pocket full of quotes from my pinterest quote board.  i chose quotes that set the tone for my new year.

those are the ideas i have so far.  i'm sure more ideas will come to me as the month progresses.  :)


  1. Great word -- I like your thinking!

  2. i love the look of the book d - and i love your word!

  3. wow...what a neat project. It sounds like you are having so much fun with it. You crack me up on your past words. You are so funny. But I agree, some words can make you think too deep. This one sounds like it will be alot more fun. I want to copy it and make me a "holiday" book for the year. What a good way to keep moving forward and enjoy the fun things in life. Holidays are always fun! And to make a holiday out of things from every day life is even better!!