Monday, June 16, 2014

cheekwood botanical gardens

after living here for thirteen years, we finally made it to cheekwood botanical gardens.  gorgeous!  why did i wait so long?  laziness, truly.  and now just two short months later, i'm finally blogging the experience.  that's not so bad, right?  what's two months after thirteen years?  perspective. 

anyway.  this was a fabulous outing made even better by sharing it with friends who enjoy flowers and the great outdoors as much as we do.  we went in mid-april.  i'd highly recommend going in early to mid-april.  the tulips were at their peak and stunning.  i've never ever seen so many in one place.

i will let the pictures do the talking now, except to say that i wish i had gone way back when g was a little guy.  he would have been so mesmerized by the outdoor miniature train scene.  if you live in the area and have a thomas the tank engine obsessed little one, be sure to take them to cheekwood!  then also, i do not understand the sphinx at the end.  hmmm.  it must be a victorian thing?


  1. You should have called me while you were in my neck of the woods! I used to be a Garden Guide at Cheekwood. You need to take G back some time this summer for the bug exhibit. Awesome. Take a picnic lunch and have it by the little stream below the mansion. Also, when you were in the backyard of the mansion, did you notice the little overlook? You can see for miles! Also, take a walk through the sculpture garden. G will like that too. So much to do and see---make a day of it. You might want to bring some bug spray.

  2. what gorgeous photos D! - LOVE the last one!

  3. So beautiful! I always love your nature photos! :) I also love the one of your son as the stone angel!! So fun.