Friday, June 20, 2014

homer's farm: 6/8/14

harvest. side view.

harvest. top view.

ripe tomato on the vine.

look how HUGE!  do you see my hand behind it?  this must be a goliath.

the beans are really growing!  and he is too!

a sea of watermelon.

wild roses.  i want them in my yard.

a sunflower.  ready to greet the sun for the first time.

corn.  my favorite.

squash.  not my favorite.

pepper flower.

pepper harvest.

weeding the peppers.

beautiful flower.  ugly bug.

pretty pretty pretty.

g says these look like aliens.  i love the architectural structure of the buds.

growing grapes.



onion flower.  ready to blossom.

bush beans.


mama bird has a nest in homer's desk.

linking up with mamasaurus and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. WOW..that is an awesome garden. How fun to have access to all this. LOVE bush beans. And the watermelon field...omg!! We have about 8 plants in our little garden. And so nice to have the water irrigation. I have water irrigation and it is called the water hose and Thanks for sharing your garden experience. I love all the pics. Even the bugs!!

  2. My goodness, that is a cornucopia of a garden! How wonderful ... Your photos really make it shine and those tomatos made me gulp in surprise. I think your sunflower photo is my favourite ...

  3. Lovely photos! I love the look of grapes when they are growing, not sure why. Maybe because I know I can eat them soon!!!! x

  4. Woah! What an impressive harvest.Such a wonderful way for children to grow up surrounded by all that natural home grown produce, I'm daydreaming of dinner at your house now !

    Many thanks for joining in and sharing and apologies not to have visited sooner to comment and share bu I've been unwell this past week x