Thursday, June 5, 2014

roadside attractions: spring 2013

yesterday, when i was blogging the wildflower photos, i wanted to link up with these from last year that were photographed at the same high school.  i couldn't find them anywhere on my blog and finally came to the conclusion that i had never blogged them.  i did photograph them in may, after all, and i seem to not really blog much in may.  so, here they are!  a year later, but still just as beautiful.

these flowers turn into the giant pompoms from yesterday's post.

if you look closely, this is a selfie.

"edelweiss" side view.

"edelweiss" top view.

"lamb's ear" that i am told was planted near outhouses (for obvious purposes) back in the day.

the "wall of honor" where the cheerleaders paint the names of all our graduates who serve.

"Little Darwin"

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  1. imagine flowers on the side of the road in june, what a magical world you southern US people live!