Tuesday, June 24, 2014

good blog reads

best selfie ever, right?  okay, don't answer that. 

I've been finding lots of great blogs lately.  mostly with a strong gardening theme as that is what i am into at the moment (like you haven't noticed).  i figured i'd better go ahead and share them before the list gets too long and unwieldy.  enjoy!  (i sure am!).  i love bloggers (and blogging).  :)

http://www.lifeatcobblehillfarm.com/  this one is packed with useful information on simple living, keeping chickens, menu planning, recipes, gardening, a little art, plus adorable pet stories!

http://www.growinandcrowin.blogspot.com/  meghan klauer, an old scrapbooking buddy, has started a farm blog.  it's delightful to watch the little farm grow and unfold.

http://wildflowersphotos.com/blog/  stunning photographer.  seriously, she captures light like no other.  and she's just starting an awesome gardening adventure!

http://www.podcastdove.com/  super adorable three year old who enjoys visiting botanical gardens, nature preserves, and farms.  sweetness.

http://katie-randomnest.blogspot.co.uk/  another kindred spirit who is absolutely in love with her flowers.  good good stuff.

http://timetocraft.co.uk/  very enjoyable.  the kids are a little older.  they garden, explore nature, and go on outings to tumble down castles.  i want to go hang out with them!

http://herlibraryadventures.blogspot.com.au/  a delightful vintage-loving, gardening, crocheting eclectic.  you know that's my favorite!

http://southbournegardens.com/  really excited about this one.  it seems to be a treasure trove of gardening glory with lots of gorgeous pictures and growing tips on specific plants.

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