Wednesday, June 25, 2014

north carolina: teaberry hill rv campground

last week we vacationed with my sister and her family at teaberry hill rv campground outside of bryson city, north carolina.  it was a gorgeous and delightful experience, with the exception of the horrendous (mountainous) driving conditions.  i ignorantly went on the tail of the dragon and had residual nightmares for a good week after.  and look!  killboy even took my picture.  i totally deserve a t-shirt.  anyhoo, per usual, i have too many pictures for one post.  today i'm sharing our campground experience, then i'll share three more posts with our major outing each day.

riley eagerly greeted us upon arrival.  she had been anxiously awaiting a visit from cousin gabriel.  we, of course, had to meet her campsite companion, mr. turtle, right away and take a group photo.

then she asked g if he wanted to go exploring.

g is always game for exploring.

as am i.  with my camera lens, of course.

tiny delicate pompom flowers with starburst seed pods.


looking for creatures, naturally.

he finally found a crawdad so small that riley would consider touching it (the bigger ones she was not so fond of, and she said she hopes this one does not grow up).

a moth on my car on morning #1.

it's been in the back of my mind lately that i need to try to take more portrait style pics of g.  i took so many when he was little, but have gotten lazy about it as he's gotten older.

the scene outside our camper.  it was such a peaceful place.

and this little ray of sunshine greeted us each morning, as well.  it was so nice to get to know the newest member of the family.  baby amelia, you're a cutie patootie!

no trip to the mountains is complete without a mountain laurel photo.

here's another just in case it didn't sink in how beautiful they are.

the moth that greeted us on morning #2.

g found me a salamander!

enjoying the waterfall, another photo requirement for a mountain vacation.

and selfie of sorts.  two florida girls rocking their pink flamingos. 

next up . . . boat houses!

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  1. Looks like a great trip. We have dreams of buying a camper and exploring the country more.