Friday, June 20, 2014

homer's farm: 5/25/14

the cabbage is ready to take home!  hooray!

the potatoes are in full bloom

friend or foe?

potato rows and a maverick sunflower

i have a feeling that this is an unwelcome guest

grow beans grow!

love seeing nature at work

mmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . fried green tomatoes coming soon!

look at the size of these plants!

watermelon blossom

squash, i think

silver queen corn! the kind my dad used to plant

my zinnias have sprouted!


what?!!!  how did i not know there was a little vineyard down the hill?!!!  i missed photographing the blossoms, but i had a great deal of fun snapping pics of the cute leaves, tiny grapes and trailing vines.

working hard?

or hardly working?

a few strawberries for the drive home.  so so good.

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