Thursday, July 24, 2014

president andrew jackson's home

flashback to may of this year and i got to go on a field trip with my son to the hermitage, the home of president andrew jackson (1829-1837).  the texas sister and I have been wanting to go visit (she likes old homes and i like gardens), but for one reason or another we've never managed it on her trips here.  we're going to remedy that the next time she comes. 

i believe this was the foreman's cabin on the property?  i don't quite remember.

we weren't allowed to take any photos inside the president's home, but they had the foreman's cabin set up and allowed photos.

again, i don't remember properly, but i think this may have been a former home of the jackson's that was moved to the property and set up as two small cabins when once it was a two story home.

tool shed?


and oh the flowers.  they were in their prime then and i was in love.  i knew i wanted peonies one day, but this solidified my resolve.

i have never really desired roses, but the heirloom roses in this garden were gorgeous.  now i want roses.

i have absolutely no idea what this is, but i want it too.

pink peony.

heirloom rose.

foxglove with peony.  what a winning combination.

poppy.  yes, please.

heirloom rose.  I was especially drawn to the foliage around the bud on these.  so cool.

i made a mental note of the layout of this garden.  it was basically a large rectangular space divided into four quadrants.  there were walkways and beds around the edges of each quadrant with green space in the middle.  hey!  i have a large empty rectangular green space.  oh the possibilities!

the students toured the hermitage and also acted as jr. docents when they were there.  each one was given a few lines to memorize and then stood at specified locations and shared their new knowledge with other visitors there that day.

this is one of my favorite photos of my baby.  i need to convert it to black and white (the color is a little off for some reason) and print and frame it.

this is gabriel standing in front of his spot at the summer kitchen.  he was so proud of this assignment.  i think you can even see that in his smile.

turning in their costumes before heading back to school.  good-bye hermitage!  until next time . . .

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  1. I have never been a fan of roses either, but after seeing so many beauties this year I may change my mind. I love the heirloom rose - such a pretty colour.

  2. I really like the foreman's cabin, it would make a good den as it looks very cosy.The foxgloves and peonies together, nice photos :)

  3. I'm loving the cabin-I agree, what a great den! And you've got the love in a mist-just like mine as you mentioned:) It's such a beautiful little flower and the name really captured my attention-think I'm going to have to find out more :)

  4. The flowers are just gorgeous, and in such a lovely, historical setting.

  5. That is a fabulous photo of your son - definitely frame-worthy (and scrapworthy too!) We visited the Hermitage a few years back, it was late fall as I recall, and the garden was past it's prime at the time. But we loved hearing the stories of Rachel's Garden and came home with some pretty little cards of the garden that I framed.

  6. "love in a mist"---the botanical name is Nigella. It is an annual, but self seeds successfully from one year to the next. I've never seen it sold, but you can buy seeds---blue, white and pink! Apparently, my own have died out---during one of our water restrictions no doubt! I need to get more! G looks right at home as a country gentleman!

  7. What a lovely day trip! I am in love with the foreman's cabin - I want it as my studio/office! Your son looks super proud, too - lovely photos :) Excellent shots of the flowers too - we have inherited roses in our garden, and I have never really been a fan, but am in love with them!

  8. I too am in love with the foreman's cabin! And the blooms of course - peonies are one of my faves. The blue one is Love in the Mist, funnily enough it's made an appearance in a few posts this week that have joined in, we must al be in some sort of subliminal tune with each other!
    I love that shot of Gabriel tipping his hat - such a happy face, you can tell he enjoyed it.
    Thanks for joining in again and bringing a touch of history to things!

  9. you looked like you had a great day out i do love that cheeky shot of Gabriel. the roses are lovely and beautiful shots of them too

  10. If you ever get our length, I'd be glad to show you the other end of the story. I don't live too far from Andrew Jackson's ancestral home