Friday, December 19, 2014

december daily: i'm a merry little shopper this year

well, i haven't done the first little bit of christmas scrapping, but i've been a merry little shopper this year.  i don't feel too bad about that as i've been abstaining from christmas kits (other than my jbs) for two years now.  i was due for a new infusion!  and now that school is finally out and i'm FREE for two whole weeks, i might even dive in with scissors and glue!

so, first up is my jbs mercantile papercrafting kits.  i got the main kit (shown here), plus the antiquarian (sold out), and artisan (with sweet little wooden vintage inspired ornaments).

just yesterday i snagged kelly purkey's 2014 christmas kit for half price.  there are some still available if you hurry (and you should hurry as it is fabulous and a fabulous deal).

then since i was splurging anyway, i went ahead and got some of the sweet bits i'd been eyeing at ashley calder's shop, things that shine.  i picked up the vintage wrapping paper kit (shown), plus some wood veneer, glitter bows, and diecuts.  you can even snag a free diecut by signing up for her newsletter.

earlier in the month i snagged the huge and hugely cute eggnog collection from october afternoon on crafty steals for a not huge price.  i added a studio calico sequin collection to the deal to make it extra sparkly.

and finally, i am planning on printing off a few of the free downloadable always trendy vintage inspired tags brought to my attention by wolves of london.

what about you?  have you bought any christmas treats for yourself this year?  (i didn't even mention the old navy shopping spree from last night and the doubles on stocking stuffers and . . . ;).

eta: i knew there was another one!  how could i forget my freckled fawn christmas embellishment kit?  so cute and festive and sparkly!

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