Sunday, December 21, 2014

christmas crafting: teacher gifts

i normally don't get teacher gifts done till valentine's day, but thanks to g's germs last week that gave us extra time at home, i was actually able to make a few this year.

the star of the show was this little jingle bell bracelet.  i first saw them at books a million for $3.99.  what?!  i promptly went to joann's and bought the supplies to make them myself for $20.00.  ha!  isn't that how it always goes?  but!  i've already made eight and have enough to make about that many more (with stretchy string left for years).  they are really fun, quick, and easy to make.  the beads and jingle bells i found on the cheap craft beach aisle and the stretchy string was on the expensive bead aisle.

i added in some candies and made cute tags with bits from my december jbs mercantile kits.  i also stitched up the little plaid bags from a pair of old pj's that i had thrown into the goodwill pile and then pulled it back out to make my scarf.  

here is that first set.  these went to the high school librarians.

then i made this set for g's teachers.  they got the added bonus of expo markers (and boy scout popcorn) as g said they were needing new ones.

i quickie stamped the santa claus (on sale for $1.99!) and had g sign his name as i had run out of time to do anything fancier.

these baggies were made from the sleeves of a shirt scavenged from the goodwill pile.  they went together so quickly!  the ones with the cuffs only had to be stitched on one end even.  now i will definitely be going through the goodwill pile for more useful fabric before i actually take it to goodwill.  ;)

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  1. Love the idea of using old shirts and pjs. Need to go clean out some closets and drawers...;-)