Saturday, December 27, 2014

the christmas lights at opryland hotel

i wonder if he realizes how silly he looks with this particular smile on his face.  then i think that maybe he does realize how silly he looks when his mother makes him pose with his head in front of a big bow on a christmas tree at the opryland hotel.  we have humor and a great love for each other, my son and i.

there were several trees scattered throughout the hotel that had been decorated by country music stars and were being auctioned off (along with other prizes donated by those performers) for charity.  it was fun to find them as we walked along.

i somewhat envy those with girls dressed in pretty, festive holiday attire.

 oh, christmas tree!  oh, christmas tree!  how lovely are thy branches!

the poinsettias were gorgeous.  i wish the photos of the pink ones had turned out.  those were my favorites.

the angels at the outside nativity scene.

mary and joseph riding into bethlehem.

the tall, tall christmas tree of lights outside the hotel.

we had never seen people go inside the big christmas tree before, but this night we did.  so we did.

g showing how rich people drink their starbucks with their pinky sticking up.

beautiful, beautiful christmas lights.  you should go!

dolly parton's tree.  the shoe does fit.  :)


  1. We went but didn't go outside because we went early in the day!! I think I might go back! These are all wonderful pics.